Em Calls Paul(Skit|Explicit)




Paul yo um

So I got your message

I wish you would answer the f**kin' phone


Turn right

No I don't plan to reply to everybody

Who f**kin' says something f**ked up about me

But I will say this

I was reading some comments last night about

Like what people are f**kin' saying about Revival

And uhh

Yo, this Yahoo mother fucker, whatever the fuck his name is,

said I, literally said I rhymed "rhymes" with "chimes"

"Sucker free, confidence high

Such a breeze when I pen rhymes"

Turn right

Like, you don't understand I'm rhyming the entire

fuckin' sentence you fuckin' moron

It's my fault 'cause you're fuckin' stupid

But I swear to God this motherfucker lives in Michigan

and I think I figured out his address

And I'm on my way to his fuckin' house right now

Turn left

I'll hit you back later




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